Add Fish To Your Diet

Add Fish To Your Diet

Fish Dish There are numerous known benefits in including fish in our diet.
Physicians and dietitians recommend we eat 2-3 serves of fish per week due to the enormous health benefits as a result of its high omega 3 content. This is known to help protect you from heart disease/stroke as well as assisting numerous other normal body functions such as controlling blood clotting, building cell membrane in the brain.
Many other people identify benefits in the control of inflammatory bowel, autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid, Psoratic arthritis, lupis, diabetes and joint pain.

Cultures such as the Inuit people who have a diet rich in fish including whale, seal and salmon and cardiovascular disease, prostrate cancer, diabetes and arthritis are extremely rare.
Another contributing factor in their diet is that other meat eaten is wild game that is normally low in fat as opposed to farmed animals that are bred to carry fat and are often treated with antibiotics, growth hormones and other forms of medicinal products used externally and internally to control ticks and parasites.

Salmon is an excellent and delicious fish due to it’s high level of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that will not raise your cholesterol levels and is suitable for baking, grilling or broiling.

Other popular fish include Grouper, Catfish, Sea bass, Mahimahi and Mackerel which all contain numerous antoxidants and vitamins.

So Put More Fish on Your Dish.



Many medical studies have showed that a vegetarian based diet is healthy enough to sustain an active and clean life-style, and many suggest even that it’s better to quit entirely eating meat, thing that would improve health significantly. brings you with some useful insight on what does “vegetarian” mean.

The most important aspect  in vegetarian diets it’s not, contrary to general opinion, the lack of meat in one person’s nutrition, but the presence of plants in a manner that can cover all the basic needs of a human body and its daily activities. So this brings a more responsible approach on “what” and “how much” you are eating, with definitely only positive aspects on one’s health.

The reasons behind a vegetarian diet choice are numerous. I’ve been a vegetarian for more than a year now and I personally chose this diet just to prove that it’s possible to live a healthy and active life. Some consider eating meat as a barbarian practice and cannot stand the suffering animals are put to when slaughtered, while some just follow religious imposed rules. Many are taking under consideration the increasing voice of many nutritionists and doctors who often recommend switching to vegetarian based diets to avoid hearth diseases while others are viewing vegetarian diets as a relief to our already heavy loaded and industrialized planet (some studies have shown that livestock is a heavy load on Earth’s resources, contributing to water scarcity, pollution and soil degradation). No matter the reason, any vegetarian brings about a healthy lifestyle and a closer link with nature and what nature has to offer to us.

Does going vegetarian influence  our health? Well, it definitely does, both positively when nutrition is treated in a responsible manner and negatively when certain aspects of a balanced nutrition are being ignored. Vegetarian diets are not only about eating vegetables but intelligent mixture of so many plants that are available around us to create a well-balanced nutrition that serves even the most active and sportive among us. Proper vegetarian diets are known to have positive effects on many common health conditions such as obesity (weight loss – of course!), heart diseases, certain skin diseases (like acne), rheumatoid arthritis and many others. But the lack of knowledge can make a person who chooses to become vegetarian  become a victim of malnutrition.

On the long run vegetarian diets will decrease the body mass index, the level of cholesterol and blood pressure and the chance of heart diseases, hypertension, type 2 diabetes or renal disorders will also decrease.



Free Acupuncture Natural Medicine

Acupuncture-Natural-Remedies Acupuncture consists of puncturing certain points on the skin, for maintaining health, or, in the conception of traditional medicine Chinese for balancing energy.

Along the main meridians, whose headquarters is located in the skin, there are acupuncture points, which stimulates them to various media specialists:

  • acupuncture needles
  • massage
  • Special currents (electropuncture)
  • heat (moxibustie),  consists of the bottom near the point that the lights of a small stick, made of dried wormwood leaves.  It is used for those who fear the needle.
  • magnetic fields
  • sound vibrations
  • injection of vitamins, etc. saline.

Free Natural Medicine Advertising provides all the information’s about Acupuncture Natural Remedies, Acupuncture treatment cabinets and acupuncture specialists, information’s about diets through acupuncturean many more.

Remember that  Acupuncture treats a wide range of neurological, internal, rheumatic diseases, metabolic diseases and gynecological problems.


Aroma Therapy Natural Medicine

Aroma Therapy Natural Medicine

Aromatherapy is the treatment of diseases with herbal essences.
- Used since ancient times, aromatic oils and herbal preparations have returned to become a topical therapeutic method often used in conjunction with other complementary herbal therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture or Apitherapy.

Were found in nature whose essence plants may have a therapeutic effect on the human body and can even treat cardiovascular diseases, digestive, and endocrine.
Moreover aromatherapy practice stabilizing action on the human body, giving a feeling of relaxation and balance.

Free-AromaTherapyRemove Cellulite with Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy combined with  Aromatherapy massage, is an effective method of removing cellulite even in your home.
- There are three natural oils whose action is recommended for treating cellulite. They are lavender, juniper and rosemary.
Also very good for treating cellulite are:
- Avocado oil
- Grape Seed Oil
- Jojoba oil
- Rosehip oil

Aromatherapy for cuts, scrapes and burns

- You can cure many cuts with antiseptic oils. These oils not only ease your pain, but also heal the wound instantly.

Some aromatherapy oils to treat wounds, burns and scrapes:
-Oil of lavender, eucalyptus,  frankincense,  Geranium,  Lavender,  Lemon, Myrrh,  Rose and Tea Tree Oil,  Aloe Vera.

Don’t forget that aroma therapy is currently being used and highly recognized for his achievements.

Chinese Herbal Traditional Remedies For Various Diseases

Chinese Herbal Traditional Remedies For Various Diseases

- Europeans perceive spices as culinary additions for seasoning and flavor. But there are few people who know that  Chinese use nutmeg in preventing and treatingabdominal pain and bloatingindigestion and vomiting, ordiarrhea, but it is very dangerous for those with toothache and piles.

- Chinese use spices and other plants as medicine for almost every disease as for example  fevercold preparations, vomiting, diarrhea, hepatitis, malnutrition in children, rashedemacoughingnephritis, abdominal pain, upset stomach,  or food poisoning.

- Chinese spices used in medicine are various as nutmeg, marjoramginger,corianderblack pepperwhite pepper etc.

- The Chinese spices and plants can be used fresh or dried, as teas or asdeconctions. We can use all the parts of a plant: the stem, the roots, the herb, theflowers, the fruits or the leafs.



It’s probably a teenager’s worst nightmare.  Acne can be a problem even for adults, and aside the obvious visual discomfort it creates it can get quite painful as well. There are a lot of treatments out there brings you some of the best herbal remedies for acne.

Honey and cinnamon – mix 3 spoons  honey and one tea-spoon cinnamon and apply it every night before going to bed. Results show that acne will disappear completely in not more than 2 weeks.

Heartsease infusion- Add one tea-spoon of graded heartsease plant (viola tricolor) in one cup of hot boiled water. Cover the cup with a plate and leave it for 10 minutes. Drinking 2-3 cups per day will reduce acne in no time and will prevent it from reappearing.

Masks – there are a lot of plant combination for masks against acne. A good natural remedy is  a mixture of yeast, honey and wheat bran or rice flower. Add a little yeast in a bowl with cold boiled water then add wheat bran or rice flower until you get a homogeneous paste. Apply the mask and wash it away with warm water after 3o minutes. Additionally you can apply a Propolis or marigold based creme after the mask has been washed away. There are many other mixtures of plants for masks against acne. Most common ingredients are: honey, wheat bran, clay and mint.

A Healthy Diet – one of the supposed causes for acne could be an unbalanced diet. Although it has been scientifically proven, many say that chocolate, milk and carbohydrates diets in excess are the cause of some people’s acne. So try drinking more water, eat more vegetables and cut on those fried foods and “fuzzy” drinks from the stores.

Vitamin A

It is a growth vitamin, with considerable importance for young organisms. Anti-infective, acting on the “acid base” balance, it contributes, among other, to cartilage and bones nutrition as well as to digestive organs, blood vessels, mucous, teguments (it is an ephitelium protector) and implicitly a rejuvenating factor.

To remember as well are its sleep and blood pressure regulating effects. On the other hand, it behaves like a thyroid antagonistic and follicular frenulum in the pain syndrome that precedes menstruation.

Absence brings eye injuries: reduction of visual acuity, swollen eyelids with crusts, hardening and opacity of the cornea, dry eyes (may lead to blindness). More, a stop in growth and weakening of bones was observed.

Lack of Vitamin A causes as well weight loss by denutrition, tiredness, less resistance to infections (like flu, etc.), changes on the skin and mucous (they get dry), easy braking nails and hair darkening. Menstruation disorders with painful breast hardening, abdominal pains, headaches and anxiousness was also observed.

Vitamin A is found (generally like pro-vitamin A or carotene) in most plants and fresh vegetables, specially in carrots, garlic, onion, tomatoes, spinach leaves, peaches, mulberries, chestnuts, in bananas, rapeseed, pineapple, cereals, currant, raspberries, apricots, lemons, oranges or rosehip, in oleaginous fruits (and in vegetable oil). It is also abundant in wheat grains, yolk, whole milk, in sour cream, butter and in fish liver (sturgeon liver oil).

For children, exclusive use of skimmed milk, boiled milk or refined flours will cause generally serious avitaminosis A disorders.



Overweight. This word scares most over-30 adults in the civilized world (mostly U.S.A. and rich European countries) and it wreaks havoc among women everywhere. Probably the fastest growing medical industry, weight loss drugs often have unpleasant secondary effects and are effective only as long as the patient keeps taking brings to you weight loss naturally using traditional cures. There’s more to being overweight that just looking “fat”. Overweight can be a major issue to a person’s health. Even though not as severe as obesity, overweight has negative outcomes to your health as well. Being overweight increases the chances of heart diseases and it is said to be a cause of cancer. So how do we get rid of these extra kilos that are putting our health at risk?

Exercise – Probably the best and most natural way to burn that extra fat and decreasing the risk of getting sick because of overweight is to exercise. Running, stretching, long walks in the park – these are readily available methods to lose weight and help your metabolism function properly. Feeling confident? Try more soliciting sports: biking, hiking, swimming – why not go to the gym twice or thrice a week? There are a lot of activities you can do, what matters the most is to be focused on loosing weight and not on how overweight you are. Don’t be afraid to move!

Natural Diets – While some people become overweight (and then obese) because of already existing health problems (genetic disorders and other functionality disorders), most of overweight people reach this stage because of their diets. So naturally the way to lose weight in these cases is to switch to a more healthy and balanced diet. If you want to burn the bad fat, why not starting by not eating it? Vegetarian diets can effectively substitute meat-based diets maintaining nutrition at an optimal level and reducing fat intake for best results in losing weight.

Get Hydrated – Water is vital for us. When dealing with a weight problem and willing to lose weight don’t ignore this simple tip that can help your metabolism accelerate and burn the extra fat. Drink plenty of water (the recommended daily water intake is at least 2 liters for an adult) and avoid liquids that can dehydrate you (coffee, sodas – even diet sodas!, alcohol and drinks that are high in sugar).

Some general tips on losing weight:

  • Eat less and more often – like a good friend used to say:  eat less, taste more!
  • Don’t be afraid to eat natural fat – it’s important and it’s not bad for you! (it will definitely not make you fat)
  • Learn to appreciate your body as it is. Don’t get to drastic about your shape, try to nurture it and find your balance.
  • Eat every time you feel hungry. But remember: stop before you feel full!
  • Relax. Stress is another cause for overweight and obese people. So loosen up if you want to lose weight.
  • As always attitude is most important. Set your goal, concentrate on it and remember: don’t focus on being overweight but on losing weight.